1. A recognizable kind
2. A name given to a product or service

This may be the given definition, but to  Expand YOUR Brand Consulting it means so much more. To build a brand takes hard  work, dedication, and a commitment to [...] READ MORE

Is YOUR Brand working for you?

By understanding YOUR true brand value,  creating a strong message that connects  with YOUR audience and taking a tactical  approach that has continuity in everything  you do will build momentum [...] READ MORE 

Do you know YOUR audience?

Know YOUR audience. This is much more  in-depth than knowing the demographic  age group. It’s about knowing the lifestyle,  attitude and buying habits of YOUR  customer and establishing a strong message  that connects emotionally, converting  them to a paying customer of YOUR  business. [...] READ MORE

Welcome to Expand YOUR Brand Consulting

Expand YOUR Brand Consulting is a full service marketing firm that develops and executes highly personalized, strategic communication programs to build strong relationships with your target customer.

Our holistic approach allows you to build your brand value from the inside out creating an authentic culture that everyone can connect with. Our process is strategic, creative and interactive, helping you tackle any marketing and business challenge, building a road map to success.